Meeting With Our Design Team

It begins with a phone call or email. We will set an appointment to establish where you are in the process. Many of our buyers are in the idea phase, while others have full architectural plans and dreams. Together with our design team we will create your home with living in mind.

Your Home Site

Whether you own your home site or are still looking, we can help you. We focus on the individual needs of our clients, and sometimes have available inventory of sites and homes under construction.

Financing Your Project

There are several different ways to work out the financing of your project. Relying upon our many years of experience, we will work with you to determine the best options. Although custom home building financing may be new to you, we are here to make sure you understand how the process works.

Architectural Plans

A beautiful home begins with a good design. Once all of your ideas have been implemented into your plans, our design team will meet with you to discuss any final changes before the building process begins.

Selecting the Finishes

Charter Custom Homes has developed longstanding relationships with our subcontractors and vendors. Each of these vendors have designers on staff to advise you in making the many decisions required when building a home.


There will be a thorough walkthrough and final inspection of your home upon completion. Charter Custom Homes understands our name will always be associated with our homes. When we build a home, we build that home for life

Overall, the process of building a custom home is the same for everyone, but with one big difference at the center: you.